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Our Working Process throughout the VPN Reseller Program

Once we generate an idea, we divide it into teams. After methodic planning, we move on with our research team to know the inside-outs of each technology we are working on and determine the pros and cons. Then, our development team brings the idea to reality. Next, the testing team makes sure there are no errors before delivering the project. Finally, our support team remains active 24/7.


Providing All in One Reseller Control Panel

A panel is required for resellers to conduct their sales and customer database. We customize the panels according to our resellers’ choices. Where resellers can get the complete picture of how many VPNs they sell per day total price, it’s easy to compare data with any date.

We provide some of the best
features for the VPN you want us to develop.


WireGuard, OneConnect, OpenConnect, TCP, UDP, TLS, HTTPS, HTTP, DNS, and SSH are used.

Customer Support

We have a support team who work dedicatedly 24 hours every day.


256-bit military-grade encryption to protect and secure data and information.

Self-Control Panel

If you become our reseller, you get a panel to organize your customers’ database.

White Label VPN

We develop and customize VPNs according to our resellers’ wishes so their customers view their VPN as a brand.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There is no limited bandwidth for users, so there will be no buffering, and they get a dedicated IP address.

Why Should You Become a Reseller?

We develop a VPN with the best protocols and encryption to protect a user’s data and information. Users can stream different content and games unlimited. Resellers can earn a significant profit by selling each VPN pin we provide. We also offer our support team to help with queries.


Ready to Start with Symlex VPN Reseller Program?

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