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What is a VPN Server?

A VPN server is like a bodyguard for your internet connection. It creates a safe and secret tunnel between your device and the internet. When you use a VPN, all your internet traffic goes through this tunnel, protecting you from all security threats.

The VPN server protects your online activities by hiding sensitive information from hackers and spies who might want to steal it. It also gives you a fake IP address, so nobody knows where you are. This trick can help you access websites or content unavailable in your area. Moreover, high-speed servers allow you to bypass your ISP’s speed limit and bandwidth restrictions without getting detected.


Our Free Servers are Optimized for Your Needs

Free Locations

Enjoy 5-days free access to all our premium servers when you free signup. After the expiration of the premium trial you will be able to access only 2 free locations.

LocationOpen VPNAny ConnectSSHShadow Sock

Our Premium Servers Provide Best Security and Speed

Premium servers offer multiple locations, extra layer of security, speed, and reliability.

LocationOpen VPNAny ConnectSSHShadow Sock

We have Industry-leading Protocols

VPN ProtocolSpeedEncryptionStreamingStabilityP2PAvailable
In SymlexVPN
OpenConnectFastExcellentGoodVery StableGood
OpenVPNFastExcellentGoodVery StableGood
WireGuardVery FastExcellentExcellentStableGood

Feel free to request any server!

If you can’t find your desired server, send us a request, and we will do our best. Promise!

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Fastest VPN that Meets All Your VPN Needs

Private Browsing

Once you connect Symlex VPN to your device, it makes your browsing private and inaccessible to outsiders. Only you can see what you are doing online

Dedicated IP

IP addresses are the most favorite thing to ISPs. This is why we have our own dedicated IP so that no one will be able to access our IP and gain access to your information.

Fast Servers

Symlex has the fastest servers for your browsing. We do not compromise to provide the best speed for our users. You can use Symlex VPN without any lag

No-log policy

Symlex VPN strictly follows the no-log policy. We do not need your personal information, and it's for the best that you do not give it to anyone else

Hides location

No matter where you are browsing, VPN entirely is capable of hiding your actual location and shows the intruder nothing. You can then safely browse about without worrying about a location leak

Safety Protocols

Symlex VPN has the best safety protocols available. We have the DNS servers, HTTPS, and OpenConnect along with other fantastic protocols for your safety